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Shasta Daisy: 450 Seeds (Fresh & Untreated, Perennial)

Product Information:

  • Plant Type : Perennial. Returns each spring from same roots, forming expanding clump. Blooms second spring from seed.
  • Zones : 3 – 9
  • Sun/Shade : Full sun
  • Soil preference : Adaptable
  • Moisture Requirements : Average, but can tolerate wet conditions

Item Description

Shasta daisy is a very popular wild flower that will grow in all regions of North America. Very easy to grow planted in spring or fall in almost any soil. Grows slow the first year and then prolific the second and successive years. The flowers form individually on erect stems with white rays and yellow centers. They typically bloom in June through July. Depending on variety, the Shasta daisy can be as low as 12 inches or as tall as 4 feet. It likes to grow in full sun and well drained soils. It makes a great cut flower and the butterflies love it. Typically, it should be divided about every three years, as the center of the plant may die out as it ages.

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