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All Annual Wildflower Mix – 800 Seeds – Seed Needs Envelope

Product Information:

  • Contains a mixture of 20 wildflowers
  • Cornflower, Baby’s Breath, Godetia/Farewell to Spring, Cosmos, Chinese Forget Me Not, Scarlet Flax, Four O’ Clock, Red Poppy (Shirley), Red Poppy (Corn Poppy), Catchfly, Sulphur Cosmos, Indian Blanket, California Poppy, Baby Blue eyes, Rose Mallow, Rocket Larkspur, Wild Sunflower, Plains Coreopsis, Clarkia, & Snapdragon
  • Annuals may return next year if the seeds drop to the bare ground.

Item Description

Don’t let the snobs at the local garden club try to scare you away from annuals! Though it’s true that they typically require re-seeding each year, annual wildflowers also tend to be amongst the most colorful – and easy to grow – of all the wildflowers. This mix is packed with 20 of the most popular varieties and will dazzle you with a succession of color throughout the season. Suitable for all regions of North America.

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